The power of possibility is not just some inspiring, feel good concept. It is the driving force behind why we do what we do.

You cannot create change if you cannot imagine the possibility.

So, whether you are working towards a personal goal or trying to do your part to change the systems in our country, let’s talk about how we use the power of possibility to make change.

Awareness: Tune into your body. How do you feel in certain situations? Most of the time we don’t desire to change something that feels good, long term, in our bodies. When we feel discomfort, we often leave our bodies, tune-out, and distract ourselves so we don’t have to feel it. Don’t. The way you’re feeling is one of your guides. That old saying, “Listen to your gut.” It will rarely lead you astray. If you actually spend time in your body, it will guide you in the right direction. What is the change that you want to see in yourself or the world around you?

Urgency: Change is hard. In order to change, we have to feel that the cost of not changing is larger than the discomfort and work of change. What will happen if you don’t change? Why now?
Imagine the possibility: Close your eyes and imagine. What do you want to change? What will it look like? Try to create as vivid a scene as possible. Where are you? What do you see? What colors? Who’s there? How are the people around you acting? What kind of a feeling do you get while existing in that imagined situation?
Reverse Engineer a Plan: Once you’ve imagined the possibility, work backwards from there to create smaller milestones along the way. Then, break those down into even smaller steps. The key here is to make the steps small enough to be attainable in a short amount of time. Small wins create a feeling of accomplishment and feelings of accomplishment create resolve. Small wins along the way add up to big change over time.

Community: Find a community of people with a shared vision and the desire to work together towards that shared vision. When people bring their individual ideas of a vision together with others, it strengthens the possibility. The slight differentiation in the way people plan to live out that vision creates a solid, inclusive foundation for change.  When you’re wavering in your resolve, those people will be there to remind you of the vision you have and help you keep going.

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Cleo Wade’s TED Talk: “Want To Change The World? Start By Being Brave Enough to Care.”

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