After experiencing numerous abuses and traumas throughout her childhood, Jessica Bird learned that self sacrifice and silence was a way of protection.  Through bravery and vulnerability, she learned how to tune in to her own desires and speak her truth.  Silent no more, Jessica dives into living the life she wants on her own terms!

During this episode you will learn:

How Jessica learned to listen to herself and be curious about what calls her Why she has never slept better after choosing to be a digital traveling nomad What Jessica’s serendipity life style looks, sounds and feels like

Jessica Bird can be found:

website:  www.theserendipitylifestyle.com/sleep

Instagram: @serendipitybird 

“When he was your hero… and you realize he’s racist. | A Broken-hearted Letter to My Grandpa”: https://theserendipitylifestyle.com/blog/when-he-was-your-hero-you-respect-his-wisdom-and-you-realize-hes-racist



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