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Hi! I’m Abby.

I believe in the power of women.

I believe in the power of sleep.

I believe well rested women change the world.

What’s the latest?

Episode 1

In the very first episode of "Things that Keep Us Up at Night", you will learn: * How Kate Northrup's book "Do Less" became the catalyst for my work * Why I wish I could say the jaws of life saved me in more ways than one *...

5 Reasons to Change Your Sleep Mindset

(Sleep Mindset series - Part 2) Now that you know what Sleep Mindset is, let’s talk about why you should care. The research is shedding light on just how important sleep is for life and business. Getting the right amount of quality shut-eye has been shown to: increase...


Simply put, Sleep Mindset is the collection of beliefs and feelings you have about sleep.  Through my work with female entrepreneurs, I hear a consistent statement. “I know that sleep is important, but I still feel like I’m wasting my time. I can get more done if I...

Why is sleep so important?

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